Assignment Wheel of Fortune


Your assignment is to make a simplified version of the television game: “Wheel of Fortune.” (You can play this game on FaceBook)




In this version, there is only one player. You have 5 turns to start with. The wall of hidden letters spells out a word, name, or phrase and there is a clue below. You  spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on a dollar amount or a Free Spin, you can guess a consonant or buy a vowel.


 If you guess a consonant correctly in the puzzle,  you scores $ and gets to continue spinning.  For example, if you land on $500 and there are two ‘n’s, your score will be $1000. If you successfully buy a vowel, then you don’t get any money, but it will still be your turn and you will be that much closer to solving the puzzle.


If the wheel stops on "Miss A Turn" ,you lose a turn. If the wheel stops on  Bankrupt” you lose a turn and all your money. If you guess incorrectly, you lose a turn.

During any of your turns, you may choose to solve the puzzle.  The game ends when you correctly solve the puzzle or run out of turns.

Programming Notes:


We will not be implementing a timer in our applets.


The program should randomly choose a phrase from a list of at least twenty phrases stored in an array.


The buttons on the wall are also in an array. When a letter is guessed correctly, it must go into the correct spot.


The results of the spin are randomly generated as well. (You do not need to have the spinner actually land on a spot on the wheel.)


You must display the number of turns left and the score.




Level 2


Alphabet displayed.


Phrase is randomly generated.                      


Wall of buttons displayed showing white buttons for the phrase.


Clue is displayed.


As a correct letter is guessed, it is displayed in the correct place.    


Score is correctly calculated and displayed.


Level 3


If the letter should go in more than one blank, it does           


If  a letter is chosen and there is more than one, the score is increased by the amount for each letter.


Number of turns left is correctly calculated and displayed.


Spin is randomly generated including “bankrupt” and “Miss a turn”


Level 4


Letters that have already been guessed in the alphabet are indicated as already chosen.


The player is able to choose the Solve button and fill in the letters.


If the player does not solve the puzzle or runs out of turns a “you lose” message is displayed.


When the player wins, “congratulations” message is displayed.


Level 4+


Player can play again, (Play again button or new game button).



Your communication mark will be based on the following:


Clear Instructions                                                                   

Internal Documentation                                                                     

“Look and Feel” of the applet